5 Summer Cocktails at the RMU Tavern

P: Eli Epstein

By Suzy Wasick, RMU Bar Manager

Summer just got a little bit more delicious. Our bartenders have come up with one tasty summer cocktail menu. Fresh herbs, homemade ingredients and creativity will have your taste buds asking for another. Our suggestion, kick back on the front patio or lounge in the backyard beer garden. Either place will let the summer vibes roll. 

1. Juan Too Many

This drink lives up to it’s name. Juan Too Many uses house infused jalepeno tequila, muddled cucumber and fresh squeezed lime juice. It will certainly have you asking for Juan more.

2. Pick a Pear

P: Eli Epstein

The perfect summer cocktail to enjoy on our front porch, this refreshing mix of Breckenridge Pear Vodka, Pear and Ginger Shrub (made from our good friend Psycho Billie), freshly squeezed lemon and Cointreau. This cocktail will lead you to seriously consider asking if you can pay us rent to live on our porch.

3. I Really Love Your Peaches

Inspired by the sweet flavor of Colorado Palisade peaches and memories of hot summer nights, we’ve taken Breckenridge Bourbon, Psycho Billie Peach Shrub (we can’t seem to escape her - and we’re very glad), lemon juice, turbinado syrup and orange bitters to create a drink Steve Miller would be proud of.

4. Gin and Tonic

Once upon a time before tonic came from a box, Quinine syrup was used to make one of the most popular drinks of all time to achieve a distinctive, just right bitter flavor.  Cinchona bark, lavender and lemongrass are a few of the standout flavors of our 11 ingredients used to create our homemade Quinine syrup featured in our Gin and Tonic.  The only danger of this drink is that you may never be satisfied with what you used to know as a Gin and Tonic.

5. Ginger Spice

P: Eli Epstein

This delicious cocktail was created by our very own spicy red head. Fresh mint from our backyard, lemon juice, Fernet, Breckenridge Vodka and Prosecco team up to create a sippable, flavorful cocktail. The perfect drink to help you bring out your own fun lovin’ inner red head.



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