Adventure + Apres Pairings (Summer Edition)

It is part of the mountain culture, the connection between adventure and après. Whether you are spending the day on the trails mountain biking or hiking to the top of a fourteen-er or cruising down the river or taking a few swings at the golf course, every activity seems just a little bit better when it's finished with a cocktail or craft beer. We've paired some of our favorite adventures with a delicious beverage. So come down to the RMU Tavern or Backyard Beer Garden, kick your feet up and reflect on the day with friends. 

Mountain biking + Craft brews

The mountain bike culture and craft beer go hand-in-hand. Did you know that there are over 600+ miles of single track in our backyard and world class downhill within a short drive? Cheers, you guys earned it. We're pretty confident that one of our 16 beers on tap will quench your thirst. So grab a beer for you and a friend, wash your bikes in the backyard beer garden and cheers to the day.

Rafting + PRB and a shot of Jamo

Photo courtesy of Joel Richards

To all of our rafting friends, we know your coolers are full of the finest. There is nothing better then cracking a cold one and throwing back a swig of Jamo while cruising down the rapids. After a day on the river, you'll find these guys bellied up to the bar, sunburns and all, with another round ready to toss back. The river rats know how to have a good time, trust us.

Hiking + Hand-crafted cocktails and craft brews

Up a mountain, down a beer. We've all heard that saying. After hiking up a mountain, you need something to take the shake out of your legs. "Hey bartender" are probably the first words out of your mouth. A hand-crafted cocktail or brew is just what the doctor ordered. So go ahead, reward yourself for making it to the top and back down. 

Leisure + A glass of wine

Yoga, art workshops, paddleboarding or just wondering Main Street....calm, collected and relaxed pairs quite well with a nice red or white. Grab a seat on the front patio, people watch and breath in the fresh Colorado air. No judgment on glass 2, 3, or 4. This day is about you.

Golf + Old Fashion
A hole in one is not only something to brag about, but something to celebrate (of course while making fun of your buddy who spent too much time in the sand pits). "One Old Fashion please." It seems like the perfect fit after 9 holes, maybe 2 after 18 holes. We'd have to say, RMU's bartenders know a thing or 2 about a delicious cocktail. Did we mention we have artificial grass in the backyard beer garden? It will make you feel right at home coming off the greens. 

Fly Fishing + A good IPA or Budweiser

There is something about being on the river. Nature, the air, the trout, all under the Colorado sunshine. Makes us thirsty thinking about it. Cracking a fresh, cold beer might be the best, and only, way to pay off the big catch of the day. What's your flavor, IPA or Budweiser? Can't mess with a fisherman and his beer.

So there you have it. No adventure deserves an unhappy ending, so pay it off with a cold one. There is nothing better then creating memories then spending the next hour talking about them. After all, that is what après is all about, right? 




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