Episode 1: Surfing + Powder Skis

RMU is known for going off of the beaten path in design. In 2010, RMU's hand-crafted Apostle won Innovation in Design at ISPO, setting the stage for what was to come in the near future. Since then, their creativity has soared with the Grrowler and Core PackSo when RMU was ready to design a new ski, there was no hesitation in innovation and creativity.

In Episode 1, RMU challenged Ben Smith and Ethan Swadburg to come up with their next powder ski design. After finding inspiration in surfing, the boys headed to San Diego and Mexico to learn more. They teamed up with Big Wave Surfer, Andrew Matthews, and Shaper Studios owner, Chris Clark to discover what is was that surfing and skiing had in common. Did they find their new ski design? WATCH NOW.

Project North Shore will be available exclusively at evo.com this fall. Episode 2 releases mid-July and it is all about RND back in Breckenridge, Colorado. 



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