"King of the Underground" Season 3 Episode 1 of the Westward Series

"King of the Underground"

This Westward series is a compilation of short videos that focus on people pioneering life in the mountains.

Follow our Founder Mike Waesche's story in the first episode of Westward Season 3.


Mike founded Rocky Mountain Underground in 2008 based on a passion for skiing.  He remembers the one day he wanted to become a skier, a powder day at 11 years of age, that started his ski life venture.   Skipping high school and skiing Summit County as a teenager was a priority that soon lead to the start of RMU.  

“In 2008, we thought we could figure out how to build a ski, and it was a horrible idea” Mike laughs at the memory,  “but believing in it enough….”

RMU was started in a basement in Summit County, Co with a homemade press.  There they built a lot of ugly skis getting started, but never gave up on the love that drove this passion home.  See the story through the eyes of the founder himself.

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