Photos: JJ Vinet in Revelstoke

By Adam Phillips
Being that we had spring skiing and slush conditions at a majority of Utah’s local resorts, I began to question my decisions for leaving Alaska two months earlier knowing that there were still good conditions up in those parts. Especially when I still saw posts of trips in AK with pristine skiing conditions. I was determined as I still had some final yet last-minute ski destinations. The ski season wasn’t going to be over if I could help it. Early April Revelstoke.

Having never been to Revelstoke before what better person to link up with than a local to the area JJ Vinet.

The morning was excellent with fantastic light, and great snow conditions up high. On top of that, the temps stayed cold keeping the stability of the snowpack in our favor!

I guess it’s a rare sight to see the sun up here. I can’t help but think I couldn’t have done a better job with timing this trip.

With spring skiing conditions down low at the base of the resort. We were surprised by how good and deep it was up high.

Revelstoke is the place to be as the skiing is good and this quaint little mountain town has much to offer in hospitality and culture.

Brand Ambassador/Photographer, Adam Phillips (Instagram: was raised in a small farming community in northern Utah he started skiing with the RMU family during his time in Alaska and has been with RMU for two seasons. Since skiing, he has traveled to photograph the European Alps, the Alaska Range, and the Rocky Mountains.



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