Artist Behind the RMU Rippah 2.0 Graphics

P: Jessie Unruh

 Cameron Barrie, RMU General Manager, is a Colorado Native that has always thrived in the outdoors. She started a painting business, The Backwoods Studio, creating art on animal skulls. As a fly fishing guide for Breckenridge Outfitters and the manager at RMU, she spends her spare time fishing, hunting and painting.

P: Jessie Unruh

So when RMU needed a new graphic for the Rippah, they looked to their own artist and her recent paintings. "Once I finished painting the skull, I brought it into the shop for display and the first day on the wall, Mike decided to turn it into a graphic," said Cameron. When she was asked what inspired the painting, she said ironically, this is one of the first skulls I painted with a feminine theme. "I wanted to create something the wives wanted to take home and display on the wall rather then the husbands." Cameron has always been fond of the Native American style artwork and wanted to incorporate that into this piece, which turns out worked well for the Rippah graphic. RMU athletes, Ben Smith and Ethan Swadburg, who both designed the Rippah ski, were more than stoked on the new graphic and without hesitation sent the artwork to our factory for production. 

To say the least, Cameron was PUMPED to see her vision come to life outside of passion for painting skulls. "It was unexpected and totally humbling that something I had already painted was chosen for a ski graphic," she said.  

The Rippah 2.0 is in its sophomore year, exclusively available at - SHOP NOW.



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