What It Was Like to Film with Level 1

S: Ethan Swadburg | P: Jay Badgely

The year before Benny Smith and Ethan Swadburg filmed for Level 1's latest movie "Pleasure", the boys were both finalist for Level 1's annual Superunkown Contest. It was after that contest when the relationship with Level 1 began. Without hesitation, the guys started traveling with the crew whenever there were openings on the trips. After a few of those trips, they were asked to come along on the park shoots.

"Filming with Level 1 was a
dream I had growing up."
-Ethan Swadburg

JU: What was it like filming with the guys from Level 1?

BS: It was awesome. Never a dull moment. Everyone wants to get good shots, and the features you set up and hit are mostly things I’m stoked about and glad I got to hit em.

ES: Filming with Level 1 was a dream I had growing up, so getting to travel and film with the filmers and other Level 1 skiers was pretty intense for me. I bought my first Level 1 movie, "Refresh", when I was thirteen and I've probably watched it 50 times since then.

S: Ben Smith | P: Jay Badgely

The trip took the boys to Denver, CO and Houghton, MI for an urban shoot and Aspen, CO and Snowbird, UT for spring time park shoot. Filming with Level 1 brought challenges. "I would say the most challenging part for me was meeting the level of skiing that I would expect in a Level 1 movie," said Swadburg. "I have higher expectations for my skiing when I am filming with Level 1 compared to when I am not filming with them. You have to bring your A-game baby, play ball." 

JU: What was one of the most memorable moments from the experience?

"Pizza and Coors.
Almost every day."
-Benny Smith

BS: I’ve looked up to all the Level 1 dudes and just getting to ski with them would make anyone ski the best they can.

ES: The trip to Houghton, MI in March was pretty absurd. I've got a lot of funny/crazy stories from that trip. Snowmobilers everywhere, Vicki's Diner, the couple of hospital visits, my car breaking down in Canada after we left. That was a crazy trip.

S: Ethan Swadburg | P: Jay Badgely

JU: What was it like/the feeling of being at the premiere and seeing your parts?

BS: Almost didn’t seem real for a second. But proud to be apart of such an amazing crew forsure. Got to run with the big dogs for a season, hope I can keep up this year.

ES: That weekend was a pretty special weekend for me, getting to go to my sixth Level 1 World Premiere and  getting to be in the movie was a really good feeling. We had a really good time that weekend.

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