What RMU's Athletes are up to in the Summer

RMU is a crew full of mountain enthusiasts . . . on and off the slopes. As summer approaches, we wanted to know what our athletes are doing post ski season. From hiking to biking, traveling to, well, yes, more skiing, here is where you will find Bryan Fino, Morgan Dinsdale, JJ Vinet, Ben Smith and Ethan Swadburg.

Bryan Fino

Well, you can find Fino...outside.

"First guess would be in the middle of a river up to my waist in water fishing from sunrise to sunset.  The only noise is that of the running water and the cracking of opening up a beer," says Fino.  

If not in the river, you can find him doing his best billy goat impression hiking up mountains. "Anywhere where there are no people, you can find me…..besides the gym," he says.

Morgan Dinsdale-

Deep in the forest, tucked away in the mountains, smiling on summits and with arms outstretched like a bird as Morgan runs through the trails of the beautiful place she calls home, Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

"I LOVE to play outside! Summer for me is all about trail running, long distance hiking and backpacking, camping under the starry skies, riding my road bike, reading books curled up under shady trees and, this summer, flying. Paragliding is my next adventure into the unknown," says Dinsdale.

She will be spending the rest of her summer taking in the magnificence that is a Jackson summer; from summer evenings with watermelon margaritas on the kickball field to running up to the top of the Jackson Hole Tram to floating the beautiful snake in an old inner tube, you’ll find her laughing the days away with a big smile on her face. 

JJ Vinet-

"Summer is around the corner and you can usually find me in and around Revelstoke, BC. It’s a great place with easy access to all sorts of good things."

JJ usually fills his days with adventures with his dogs. You will find JJ and his dog biking the amazing cross country trails of Mt. Macpherson or taking the paddle boards up to lake Revelstoke and paddle the calm waters exploring the different inlets, and chase sticks in the Illecillewaet River.

"I also enjoy spending time in the wood shop building furniture, puttering around with design, and in general just building things. The summers are warm around here so theres many nights spent outside by the fire pit and bbq," says Vinet.


Ethan Swadburg

"During the summer time, you will find me coaching at Windells camp at Mt. Hood. When I’m not skiing, you will find me hanging out with all the other guys who work at Windells, skateboarding, hammocking, frolicking in the forests of Oregon," says Swadburg.

I try my hand at surfing every summer but it usually ends up the same every time, getting destroyed by waves," says Swadburg.

When Ethan is not in Oregon, you’ll find him in Colorado, usually mountain biking and road biking. he tries to hike as much as he can. Then when summer is over, he attends Colorado Mountain College in Breck for fall semesters.

Ben Smith-

In the summer you can find Benny at CMC in Breckenridge, or painting houses all around Summit County anywhere between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. When he is not making some summer dough, he will most likely be in the woods dirt biking, potentially playing in the men's soccer league or at the RMU Tavern for a well deserved apres.

"In years past I have been in Mt. Hood coaching skiing, which has been an unreal experience with lots to offer and some great summer skiing, but more recently it has been nice to switch it up in the summer months and focus on exploring what Colorado has to offer," says Smith. "There are some crazy places you can get to with a dirt bike and I hope to contuine to find more places. However, Mt. Hood always finds a way to pull me back no matter how hard I try to stay away from skiing. I always find myself getting sucked back to it. Mt. Hood is its own little world where skiing extremist meet every year becasue winter simply isn't enough. Crazy crowd but never a bad time."




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