Core Pack 35L Teal

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The Core Pack is a go anywhere travel pack for the outdoor enthusiast. So no matter what situation you are in, you will have a pack ready to handle the environment. From climbing in Indian Creek to skiing in Chamonix, we have created technical designs to encourage your adventure.  

The core pack has 35L of capacity but can still fit in an overhead compartment on any flight.  Built with the most durable waterproof fabric we could find it can be tosssed around under any jet as well.

Once you make it to your destination the core pack is incredibly feature rich for any season and any activity.


- 2 types of ski carry (diagonal/ a frame)
- Mic clips for BCA LINKS
- Dual hydration ports
- Exterior Helmet sling
- Daisy chain on belt for carabiners
- Padded Felt Sunglass/goggle carry
- Avalanche gear storage
- Oversized Top and bottom handles for easy carry
- Full metal trims buckles
- climbing rope top sling carry
- oversized climbing axe loops
- exterior pocket for wet gear (ski skins)
- exposed wooden ski core stay
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