2019 Yle Pro model 118
2019 Yle Pro model 118
2019 Yle Pro model 118
2019 Yle Pro model 118
2019 Yle Pro model 118
2019 Yle Pro model 118
2019 Yle Pro model 118

2019 Yle Pro model 118

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Built in the new RMU factory, powered only by renewable energy

Length: 187cm

Side Cut: Asymmetric surf shaped 5 point


137 - 139 - 118 - 132 - 122



As unique, versatile, hard charging and playful as its namesake, the RMU YLE PRO model ski takes its design inspiration from a fish surfboard. Featuring a stable yet floaty, surf -inspired construction, with hints of biomimicry from the noses and torsos of tiger sharks, RMU has created an Asymmetric shaped ski, while retaining symmetric radius underfoot.



Radius: Blended Progressive Golden Radius - averages 25m


Using the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, the YLE 118 blends multiple radii to create a progressive radius averaging 25m. The Golden Ratio highlights how natural elements grow and relate to one another, which fits YLE's personality and skiing style - every element connected and integrated.


This idea helped create a ski that can be pushed on hard pack, dig trenches in groomed and surf the deepest conditions without hooking the tips.  


Camber: Rocker - Camber - Rocker


New powder rocker for RMU - long low-rise elliptical tip rocker.



- Lightweight Poplar wood core with cnc'd beech-mounting plate for superior binding retention  

- 8.5mm ABS side wall for impact protection

- Extra-reinforced VDS rubber dampening

- Burly 2.3 mm edges

- Tip to tail Triax glass

- BASE OKULEN 7150-C: The best from German producer OKULEN. Racing base grafite-sintered base which is fast and stiff


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