2019 Valhalla 104

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The Valhalla is a brand new women’s specific ski. Loosely based on our North Shore, the Valhalla is a hard charging big mountain powder slayer. Its 104mm waist combined with its blend of rocker tip and tail and camber underfoot makes it a perfect addition to the RMU line. We are continuing our uncompromised backcountry trend for the strong lady shredders of the world. It is not “shrinked and pinked,” but rather designed by a wide range of women athletes, pros, and patrollers.


Ski Size Dimensions Radius Weight Wood Weight Carbon
Centimeters Milimeters Meters Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair
Valhalla 104 172 122-128-104-122-116 17.5
Valhalla 104 162 115-122-104-122-115 17.5 3160 2940



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