Morgan Dinsdale     


     "I grew up in the beautiful capital city of Ottawa, Canada, where time spent playing in the snowy outdoors was one long winter celebration. Everyone I knew grew up night skiing in remarkably freezing temperatures on the little ski hills, namely Camp Fortune, surrounding our magical town. I grew up inspired by street and park riding until one day my daydreams of big mountains led me out West, where champagne powder, steep lines, cliff drops & pillow popping stole my heart."


Bryan Finocchiaro  

"I am originally from New York, currently living in Vail, CO.  The first time I went skiing was at 5 years old at the hometown hill called Sterling Forest with my dad.  I don’t think there is more than 300 vert, I believe he was wearing a Canadian tux the first couple times we skied.... me and him have been skiing ever since...I’ve wanted to be a pro skier for as long as I remember and I’m working hard for it this year!"


Bryce Gordon


I grew up in Durango, CO skiing Purgatory and Wolfcreek and eventually taking to the endless San Juan back country. Skiing has quickly become both an amazing medium to push myself in and the best tool for mountain adventures. I now ski and reside out of Bozeman, MT where I am studying. With a whole new realm of mountains awaiting, my inspiration to ski and explore is higher than ever.



Wiley Miller YLE     


"My name is Wiley Miller. I am a professional skier, born and raised in Montana, currently residing where the snow is falling.  I work within the ski industry to produce media and compete. I have a passion for skiing aesthetics and a skill set to accompany."



Benny Smith   

"I'm from Southern Vermont, small little town where everyone knows everyone.  I got into skiing mainly because of my dad.  He loved to ski and would take me all the time.  Once I was a little older, my brother and I were pretty competitive and would want to out ski each other everyday.  I started mogul skiing then quit because of all the rules.  I moved out west and quickly learned how awesome powder was...and so the story goes."


Ethan Swadburg 

"I'm Ethan Swadburg, I’m 21 years old, and I am from Colorado Springs. After growing up in Colorado Springs, I moved up to Dillon when I was 14 and finished high school at Summit High in Frisco. I met the owner of RMU, Mike Waesche, when I was 17 and I have been riding for them ever since. I spend most of my winter traveling around with fellow RMU teammate Ben Smith, balancing contests and film trips. The past couple winters we have filmed with the film companies Level 1, Good Company, and Toast Media. Things I enjoy in life are skiin real fast, a fat plate of spaghetti, and sucking at riding my snowmobile. If you see me on the hill or in town, feel free to come say whats up! Peace."

JJ Vinet

"I'm a silly guy that can send it. You’ll often find me playing at high speed in the trees or throwing out high fives.  I am passionate about the little things that make skis tick and coming up with new industry leading ski designs. I grew up in Wetaskiwin AB on a 42m high hill. I've been living in Revelstoke BC since 2008. Gravity has been pulling me down hill my entire life".






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