Pack Donations

RMU is running a donation program to benefit local non profits and charities focusing on at risk youth in our community.  We will be directly working with the Conscious Alliance to support our local communities with your donations.

RMU is offering a 30% discount on new packs to anyone donating an "in good use" pack to one of our donation locations.  "In good use" means that it is not ripped, torn or unable to be used.

How to donate

  1. In House: If you live local to one of the donation locations you can simply drop it off and receive a new pack at the 30% discount

  2. Ship: You can ship in your donation to one of our 2 retail locations.  You will need to email with your tracking number and name.  Once received the customer service team will send you a one time use code for 30% off on a pack of your choice.

Donation Locations



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