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RMU was founded in 2008, building skis in a garage in Summit County. Today, RMU is mountain culture company. Our showroom features the new Core Pack, the Grrowler (world's first dog collar that turns into a water bowl) as well as RMU's hand-crafted skis.


RMU Ski Demos

RMU offers ski demos at this location.  All ski demo purchases goes towards your ski purchase!  

Full Day $50
Optional Insurance $5
Call 970 406 1209 to reserve your skis today!


RMU Products

35L Core Pack | Grrowler | Strafe Outerwear | RMU Apparel | Zeal Sunglasses | Sun Bum | Roxa Boots | Pret Helmets | Phunkshun Wear | RMU Accessories 


RMU Hand-crafted Skis

RMU's first women's skis, the Valhalla (voted 2017 Women's Ski of the Year and Skier's Choice by Powder Magazine) and Junia. Following, the P802, SCRM, Apostle 98, the most award winning ski the Apostle, North Shore (voted 2017 Skier's Choice for one of the best powder skis by Powder Magazine) and the Professor. 


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