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Founded in 2008, Rocky Mountain Underground is an outdoor retailer that was born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. This employee owned business has been hand-crafting skis for 8 years. In Nov. 2016, RMU opened its new location at 114 S. Main Street in Breckenridge, and became Breck’s first ski shop + bar.

RMU’s showroom is home to its award winning, hand-crafted skis, N. American made goods, ski demos and a replication of the original ski press used in Mike Waesche’s garage, which pressed the first RMU ski. Next doors, the RMU Tavern features 12 beers on tap, 1 beer engine and Randall. Do you even know how to Randall? Learn more about the RMU Retail Shop and the RMU Tavern.




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