RMU Tavern

Breck's first ski shop + bar, the RMU Tavern features 12 rotating craft beers from award winning breweries from around the world. The Tavern features Summit County's only Beer Engine, a traditional and historic way of serving cask fermented ales, also known as "Firkins". 

Do you even Randall? Coming in 2017, the Beer Randall, provided by Dogfish Head Brewing Co., will feature a special brew with ingredients picked by the RMU bartenders, to create a custom beer. Join us every Thursday for this special occasion.Internationally inspired craft cocktail and wines are available, named after some of RMU staff's favorite peaks, resort, ski runs and travel destinations. Sip one of 50+ whiskeys and other unique spirits. RMU Tavern offers street side patio seating and the backyard beer garden, coming summer 2017. 




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