2020 YLE 118 PRO
2020 YLE 118 PRO
2020 YLE 118 PRO

2020 YLE 118 PRO

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Wiley Miller teamed up with RMU to develop a playful, surfy powder ski in waist widths that anyone could find reasonable.  These skis feature surfboard-like shaping.  The idea is to have the ski surf in the deep but rail turns on the groomed.  These skis rally high edge-angle turns, drift with silky smooth feel on wind-board, and a entirely catch-free in crud and chopped snow. 

"A true do-it-all, big-mountain ski worthy of Wiley’s name" -Freeskier Magazine

  • Shape: Symmetric surf shaped 5 point
  • Side Cut: 137-139-118-132-126
  • Radius: 25m with Blended Progressive Golden Radius 
  • Camber: 420mm (Tip) - 1120mm (Camber) - 320mm (Tail)
  • Rocker: 75mm Tip Height - 45mm Tail Height
  • Construction: Built to last w/ a Responsive Poplar wood core, Indestructible Beech-wood mounting plate,  Extra durable 2.2mm thick edges, and Pleasantly damp tip-to-tail triaxial weave fiberglass laminate.
  • Damping: 8.5mm ABS side wall for impact protection w/ Extra-reinforced VDS rubber
  • Base:  Extra hard and fast OKULEN 7150-C graphite-sintered base material


Built in the new European RMU factory, powered only by renewable energy

Orders begin shipping Sept 15, 2019





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