Apostle 105 2017

$799.00 USD

Product Description

Born and bred in the heart of the Colorado backcountry, this five point, twin tip all mountain ski is engineered to ski a gamut of snow conditions with style and durability.RMU is an employee-owned ski company which drives their passion for creating skis that they want to ski. The Apostle powers the skier through adverse snow when engaged and is playful when skied over center. The five point design really defines this as an all mountain charger. There are five different widths running down the length of the ski; these varying widths allow different portions of the edge to engage in varying snow conditions. This design allows the ski to have a tighter turn radius for a wider ski, which allows for more maneuverability while maintaining a fun surfy feel on powder. The rocker, camber and ski profile allows the Apostle to blast through tough snow and rise on top of deep powder. Being named after the rugged Apostle peaks in Colorado, this ski embodies what a Rocky Mountain skier needs to charge in the backcountry.




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