Core Pack

The Core Pack is in preproduction, follow its evolution here as we update images and specs

Product Description

Available 2017

The Core Pack is in pre production at this moment.  The design will be focused on a go anywhere travel pack for the outdoor enthusiast.  So no matter what situation you are in you will have a pack ready to handle the situation.  From climbing in Indian Creek to skiing in Chamonix we have created technical designs to encourage your adventure.

The pack will be 35L for the perfect amount of capacity but will still fit in an overhead compartment.


Version 3 update:


The pack is coming together, we have our new color-way in and waiting for our third in Caliente to arrive soon.  We've added our waterproof sleeve which will hold any of your electronics and keep them dry during inclement weather, its also removable.  The helmet holder has been finalized and the interior pocket arrangements are coming together nicely.  


Keep checking back to see updates!



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