SCRM 2017

$799.00 USD

Product Description

The SCRM is a a high speed, precision edge control backcountry charger.  The SCRM is designed for those who want to take their need for speed and power to the resort and the backcountry.

Eighty-five percent traditional camber and burly torsional stiffness let the rider have the ultimate control when charging the fall line. The stiffer the ski the more the rider can command it into precision maneuvers. In order to achieve the dominate torsional rigidity we use two full sheets of Titanal aluminum alloy which add strength but very little weight. Using a backcountry-focused shape lets the ski travel well while touring but keeps the focus on the descent. Increasing the stiffness by 10% and adding more damping in the tip really lets the rider open the ski up even on mixed conditions. It takes some serious effort to get deep in the backcountry shouldn’t you be able to charge the way out?




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