RMU Breckenridge

RMU Breckenridge Retail Staff

Rocky Mountain Underground is a Mountain Culture Company founded in the mountains of Colorado in 2008. We are employee owned, live the lifestyle we try and create for our customers and look for the same passion for the outdoors in all our employees. In fact, we have a 50 day minimum ski requirement for all employees.

Our concept stores serve as community hubs where we hold events, fundraisers, meet-ups for mountain biking and skiing and live music. In order to facilitate a community gathering place we will also offer craft cocktails and beer.

Every position at RMU requires you to be a human swiss army knife. We all do whatever it is that needs to be done to help the company succeed. We are required to know each other’s roles and to be able to jump in and help where help is needed. The retail staff position will be primarily responsible for assisting and educating customers on RMU products and retail sales.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Product knowledge and sales - This position requires thorough outdoor industry knowledge and the ability to explain all RMU products and related products to all levels of RMU users. You are the face of the brand to in store customers and must be able to effectively communicate what makes RMU products unique and different in order to create and close sales.


  • Help run RMU demo ski program. Assist customers with demo needs and properly set demo skis for customers. Maintain fleet to highest quality.


  • Responsible for mounting and tuning skis.


  • Inventory management - Assist the Retail Manager in maintaining RMU inventory through use of POS software and making sure all inventory is accounted for monthly. This is to include pricing as well as following SOPs to properly ship and receiving inventory.


  • Maintaining the appearance of the shop and bar. It must be kept clean, free of clutter and organized at all times. The lighting, music and ambiance needs to be just right and adjusted accordingly depending on time of day. Help in merchandising and display of products.


  • Professional demeanor at all times when representing RMU both in store and off duty. We are all the face of the brand; partners, competitors, and the public must always be treated with respect.


  • Service Industry knowledge - Given that a large portion of the products RMU provides within its flagship locations is food and beverage related, general knowledge of operations in the service industry is important.


  • Help with event and fundraiser execution.


  • Ski a minimum of 50 days per year. Culture is what we sell and everyone must engage in the mountain lifestyle at least 50 days per year. This can be skiing, hiking, biking, as we must all know the products we sell.

Department and Supervisor:

This position reports to the RMU Breckenridge Retail Manager.


Compensation based on experience.
Enrollment in RMU employee ownership program.
Access to RMU’s Gear program
Staff Trips

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